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Joint Injections

Instant & Long Term Pain Relief from Chronic Conditions

If you are having a difficult time finding relief from joint pain from medications or physical therapy, a joint injection may be the solution you’ve been looking for. Joint injections are non-surgical procedures that apply a solution of anesthetic and corticosteroid directly to damaged joint tissue. This can provide you with the relief you need to improve your range of motion and participate in physical therapy exercises that were too difficult for you before.

Joint injections can be applied to any joint: knees, hips, shoulders, wrists, and more. Although not a permanent solution to joint pain, it can provide long-term relief that will last for several months. It is even effective in treating non-curable conditions like arthritis.

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What to Expect With Joint Injections

A joint injection usually takes around 20 minutes followed by a brief period of recovery. In many cases, the doctor will be using x-rays to guide the needle to its designated located to ensure accuracy and effectiveness. Once the injection is released, the anesthetic should provide immediate relief. However, this effect is temporary, and you will likely experience soreness and swelling later that day. As the steroid starts to do its working, inflammation will lessen and you should feel the results of the treatment within a few days.

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