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Suffering from back pain for just a day can make life miserable, so imagine the agony of living with it for 15 years. Loyda Garcia can tell you exactly how it feels.

“15 years ago, I was young, vibrant and launching my professional career. The onset of chronic back pain compromised all of it. Every day was a struggle, physically and emotionally, and worst of all, no one could tell me what was wrong.” Continue Reading


“It happened without any warning, and the pain was immediate.” So says Martha Aldridge, a retired senior, when recounting the events of August 21, 2010, a day she will always remember. Rising from her chair, in a fashion done a thousand times before, Mrs. Aldridge felt a sudden, excruciating pain in her back. A visit to her primary care physician resulted in a prescription for pain medication, but no relief. Continue Reading


Nick Caparelli has always been active in sports and a workout enthusiast. But in 2008, years of activity and exercise caught up to him. Wear on his left shoulder had caused a torn rotator cuff and labral tear. Appreciating the magnitude of the situation, Nick consulted an orthopaedic surgeon, who confirmed the damage and recommended surgery to repair it. Continue Reading


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