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Peripheral Nerve Stimulation (PNS)

Blocking Pain Signals from Damaged Nerves

Pain comes from signals sent out from nerves. When a nerve gets damaged, it will continually send out pain signals. Unfortunately, there is no way to remedy this problem right away, but the body doesn’t know that. The point of pain is to alert us when our body is in trouble so that we can take care of it. If you can’t fix a damaged nerve right away, the only option left is to stop the nerve from sending out signals.

Peripheral nerve stimulation is an outpatient procedure wherein a small electrical device is implanted near a damaged nerve to interrupt pain signals. The peripheral nerves are the nerves found outside of the brain and spinal cord.

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Trial & Procedure

Before placing a permanent implant, you and your care team will go through a trial run to ensure the implant will produce the desired results. If this proves successful, a permanent implant will be provided. The PNS device is small enough that it can be placed under the skin. You will be provided with a remote that can turn the device on or off as needed.

When pain flares up, the device works by sending mils electrical signals out to interrupt the nerve signals. While some patients have been apprehensive at the thought of having electrical signals being released, many have had this procedure and achieved the results they needed.

PNS has a very high success rate and the results are almost immediate. In the rare case that the device isn’t working correctly and needs to be removed, this can be done very easily. The implant is placed just beneath the skin, making implantation and removal a minimally invasive process.

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