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Viscosupplementation | Treatment for Knee Arthritis

Over time, whether due to age or repetitive impact from daily activities, the cartilage and natural lubricants in the knees decrease significantly. This impacts the knees’ ability to serve as natural “shock absorbers” and results in painful arthritis. In severe cases, there may be bone-on-bone contact, but even in the early stages of deterioration, the loss of the joint fluid can cause significant pain and swelling.

When other treatments such as non-prescription and prescription pain relievers, physical therapy and steroid injections have proven unsuccessful or no longer effective, knee viscosupplementation can alleviate pain and stiffness for many months. Viscosupplementation is also known as hyaluronic acid injection, a procedure that replenishes the joint’s normal lubricating fluid.

How is Viscosupplementation Performed?

Your National Spine & Pain Centers pain specialist will perform an injection of a synthetic substance which is similar to the body’s joint fluid into the knee joint. Depending on the indication and medication selected, injections may vary from a one-time treatment to a repeated injection once per week for three to five consecutive weeks. You will be directed to take it easy for the first two days following each injection, but can resume normal activities after that.

This well-tolerated regimen can provide knee pain relief that may delay the need for other more invasive surgical options.

Benefits of Viscosupplementation

  • Upon completion of the initial round of therapy, many patients report pain relief and reduced stiffness that lasts up to six months. Some people even note relief after their first injection.
  • Many patients find they can reduce their use of other pain medications.
  • Retreatment may be possible after six months.
  • The procedure is performed in our state-of-the-art facilities by our highly-trained staff.
  • When used to treat early-stage knee deterioration, this minimally invasive procedure can help prevent additional damage to the knee joint.

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