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Dr. Budampati’s Presentation on Non-surgical Solutions for Treating Pain

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On January 16, 2019, Dr. Suneetha Budampati from Arlington (Shirlington) office presented an educational lecture as a guest speaker for Lifematters. Dr. Budampati’s lecture focused on non-surgical solutions for treating pain. The discussion topics included interventional pain management procedures, acute & chronic pain conditions, and new advances in the field of Pain Management.

Despite the snowy weather conditions, over 30 participants including case managers, legal groups and assisted living groups attended the lecture. With a very interactive crowd, Dr. Budampati answered many questions on topics such as opioid crisis, neuropathy pain, concerns from prolonged sitting, and levels of pain tolerance.

Dr. Budampati’s PresentationDr. Budampati’s Presentation

Dr. Budampati’s PresentationDr. Budampati’s Presentation