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Coronavirus (Covid-19)
Updates For Patients And The Public

Dear NSPC Community

We’ve established this site to streamline communication and resources regarding COVID-19. We are motivated by the sole purpose of going the extra mile to take better care of each other in the face of adversity.

In medical training, the golden rule in an emergent situation is to start by taking your own pulse. Simply put, we cannot act effectively and efficiently when we’re governed by fear or panic. The scarier the headlines the more advertisement sales and readership go up. It behooves all of us to remain calm, factual and deliberate in our approach. The overwhelming majority of people coming in contact with the virus will have mild to no symptoms. If we remain focused on prevention, we can greatly reduce the risk of exposure, and minimize the impact should it occur.

Please check back often. Changes will be posted and highlighted as they become available.

One Team, One Mission!

Doug Wisor, M.D.
Chief Executive Officer

COVID-19 Updates:

Work Place Risk & Spread Reduction Strategies:

  • Practice good hygiene
    • “Bump it Up”; use elbow bumps, NOT fist bumps and handshakes
    • Wash hands regularly; use hand sanitizers or handwashing upon office entry & between all patient encounters
    • Avoid touching face when possible
    • Avoid using shared clipboard for completing paperwork
    • Frequently disinfect all surfaces (doorknobs, tablets, desks, handrails, keyboards, phones)
  • Measure your temperature when possible with non-touch thermometers if available. Consider immediate isolation if low grade fever identified
  • Avoid unnecessary large community gatherings or settings
  • Avoid unnecessary travel when possible
  • Isolate yourself if showing signs or symptoms (most common are fever, lethargy, diarrhea)
    • Call your primary care physician immediately to consider if testing warranted
    • Cancel visits or avoid work if showing any signs or symptoms
    • Consider ER visit if symptoms are more severe (ex. respiratory involvement)