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Florida Pain and Rehabilitation Center

Florida Pain and Rehabilitation Center is a private multidisciplinary treatment, research and teaching center dedicated to helping people suffering from chronic pain conditions.

This center was founded by a Harvard-trained, Board-certified pain specialist and neurologist. We offer comprehensive diagnostic evaluation followed by individualized treatment plans including medication, interventional pain management, pain rehabilitation services.

Over the years, we have successfully treated thousands of patients, decreased their pain, restored their functions and improved their quality of life.

Our Approach to Helping You Begin Your Journey to Pain Relief

Pain is your body’s natural way of communicating a problem. You want to be rid of your pain, and we can help. Take that all-important first step on your journey to being pain-free, and let our proven approach to pain management help you overcome the terrible torment of chronic or acute pain. Our approach is focused on utilizing proven protocols to reduce the pain you suffer from, and we will help you by leveraging effective pain coping strategies, from pharmacological to interventional pain management modalities that are absolutely essential to improving your daily life and your overall quality of life. Undertreatment of pain when treatment is indicated is a serious problem, causing far too many people to live unnecessarily with pain. Too many people who are in pain do not seek treatment for their pain.

The Focus of Our Approach Is Our Commitment to Helping You Be Pain-Free

Many patients turn to us after experiences of frustration and disappointment stemming from past failures with the diagnosis or treatment of their pain conditions. We have helped thousands of patients with an accurate diagnosis and a customized plan of treatment that takes into consideration your unique circumstances and medical history. Stop suffering and start living life the way it should be, pain-free, or with your chronic pain being effectively managed for a better quality of life. From the pain of a long-term chronic illness to the distress and discomfort you may feel from a range of conditions, our goal is to reduce the pain you suffer from. A common difficulty in pain management is communication, as patients experiencing pain can have difficulty describing what they feel and how intense it is. To counteract that tendency we take a much more proactive communicative approach to making sure that we really hear and understand your pain and its true nature.

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We believe your life should be free from pain and fear. Pain brings with it unhappiness and a lowered quality of life. You are not taking pleasure in life when you are in pain, no matter whether your condition is an aggravating ache or a pain that is all consuming. If it feels like you will never be without pain or relief, you should know that there is hope and that if you’re in pain, you can count on help from Florida Pain and Rehabilitation Center to diagnose and treat your pain-related issues. You don’t have to absorb the toll that pain can take on you as it eats away at your capacity to savor all that life has to offer. Fight back against the unhappiness that pain can inflict on you and your loved ones. Make the right choice and choose Florida Pain and Rehabilitation Center as your pain management partner.