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Our Research

The Advanced Interventional Pain Clinic is leading the way to establish national standards regarding pain management. Research supports the interdisciplinary approach as the best way to treat pain. The Advanced Interventional Pain Clinic is dedicated to the advancement of new and improved medications to aide in the treatment of the chronic pain patient. Check back periodically for any new clinical trials.

You must meet criteria to be considered for enrollment. There is no cost to you for your participation. Some trials offer compensation for time and travel. You can also enroll if you are a patient at any NPI location and can travel to Winter Park.

To see if you would qualify for one of our trials, please ask to see the research nurse or call 407-203-7936 or 407-622-7246. You can also ask your NPI physician for more information.

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Center Overview

Our research department, is currently conducting clinical trials in our Winter Park and Port St. Lucie offices. We are a full time, dedicated site, with full time certified coordinators, Principal and sub-investigators.

Our unique interdisciplinary treatment approach has been determined to be the most effective methodology according to the American Academy of Pain Management. We have the ability to conduct clinical trials involving all areas of the chronic pain syndrome.

Mission Statement

”The Advanced Interventional Pain Clinic is a clinical research investigative site dedicated to providing our patients with qualified professionals who utilize good clinical practices to ensure the patient’s safety and wellbeing. Through clinical trials, our patients are offered access to new medical treatments and devices. We pride ourselves on providing quality data to our study sponsors, which is crucial in maintaining the safety and efficacy of the trials in which we participate. It is our duty to the people we serve in our community to provide the highest ethical standard of care and the opportunity to improve their quality of life through clinical trials.”

Patient Demographics

Our patient population is primarily between the ages of 40 to 75. We treat patients from the age of 18 and up. Chronic pain patients have many different diagnosis and issues they are being treated for. It is a very comprehensive specialty. Our chronic pain patient database consists of over 6000 patients. We can draw patients from 3 different surrounding counties from both of our central locations. Our patient population allows us to draw from a geriatric population as well as younger groups of patients. Chronic pain diseases include all age groups. We not only draw from age related disease patients but from traumatic injury patients as well.

Other Information

The National Pain Research Institute, LLC, is able to use a central IRB. We have experience with many of the central IRBs: WIRB, Quorum, Schulman, NEIRB, Coast IRB, Aspire IRB, Copernicus and others.

We also have legal counsel who will consult on contract issues, and HIPAA compliance.