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A Resolution to Stay Active in 2023 for People With Chronic Pain

Many people started 2023 with ambitious resolutions like taking up a new sport, going to the gym, or losing weight.

By February, nearly two-thirds of these people gave up on their resolutions, which required too much effort and time.

However, there is one low-key resolution that is worth keeping in 2023:

"Just Keep Moving"

Studies show that staying active on a regular basis can reduce morbidity and mortality.

In other words, staying active, even without engaging in intense or formal sports, prevents illness and extends your life.

Staying Active is Important if You Have Chronic Pain

People start having chronic pain for different reasons.

They may experience injuries during a car accident or suffer from an illness like arthritis. In addition, normal aging can lead to wear and tear, which is a main cause of back pain.

A person is considered to have "chronic pain" if their pain lasts longer than a reasonable healing period (usually 2-3 months).

People with chronic pain face many challenges:

  • Reduced mobility
  • Increased risk for falls
  • Depression
  • Sleep problems

If the chronic pain sufferer is elderly, there are even greater obstacles:

  • Weaker muscles and bones that get injured easily
  • A longer time to heal
  • More illnesses that cause nerve pain, like diabetes or cancer

People with chronic pain, especially the elderly, may have trouble exercising but should remain active daily.

Studies Show That Any Form of Movement Helps

An article published in 2006 in the Journal of American Medical Association described how staying active on a daily basis helps the elderly live longer.

This study differed from past studies, which mostly focused on how exercise benefited younger people.

The study followed 302 high-functioning older adults aged 70-82 over a 6-year period.

As expected, results showed that older people who were very active and spent around 800 calories each day, lived longer.

An even more interesting finding was that:

Older people who were least active (burning around 300 calories daily) could still decrease their risk of dying by a third (32%).

These people lived longer by continuing to have a job or by climbing stairs daily.

In practical terms, pushing a cart around the store for an hour while food shopping can add up to 300 calories.

Visit a Pain Physician if Pain Stops You From Moving

Whether you are a younger adult or an older person, chronic pain can interfere with your ability to move.

Immobility can be frustrating for younger people and can shorten the lifespan of older people.

If you find that pain is holding you back, a pain specialist can help.

Call NSPC today for more information.

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