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The Aurora ZIP Lumbar Fusion — A New Treatment for Low Back and Leg Pain

If you are among the 16 million Americans suffering from chronic low back pain or leg pain resulting from a back problem, there is a promising new treatment available at our affiliated offices!

It is a minimally invasive procedure with a short recovery time —the Aurora ZIP Lumbar Fusion.

Is the Aurora ZIP Lumbar Fusion an option for me?

The Aurora ZIP Lumbar Fixation is a good option if you have spinal instability, a condition where your spine moves abnormally. Spinal instability may cause you to have low back pain and may lead to the “pinching” of spinal nerves, therefore causing shooting leg pains, numbness, and weakness.

The Aurora ZIP Fusion is used to treat spinal instability if you have been diagnosed with any of the following conditions:

Study Results — What can I expect from this procedure?

In a study of 32 elderly NSPC patients (average age 69 years), the Aurora ZIP Lumbar Fusion showed promising results.

The patient's average pain scores decreased from 8.1(on a VAS Pain Scale of 0 - 10) before the Aurora ZIP Lumbar Fusion to 2.6 after the procedure.

On average, pain levels decreased by 73%.

These patients could walk better, be more active in their daily tasks, and required fewer medications. There were no complications.

According to the study chief investigator:

Minimally invasive lumbar fusion using an Aurora Spine ZIP Interspinous Spacer is the most advanced procedure available to patients suffering from chronic low back and leg pain. Patients are able to quickly improve their quality of life with an outpatient surgery without having to undergo major back surgery. “ — Dr. Vipul Mangal, National Harbor, MD

How does the Aurora ZIP Lumbar Fusion work?

Your pain specialist places a small metal device, the Aurora ZIP Interspinous Spacer, between two backbones, at a place where your spine is unstable.

The spacer acts as a bridge between two backbones to strengthen and straighten the spine. In medical terms, this is a fusion.

Traditionally, a fusion is performed by spine surgeons through extensive back surgery that requires general anesthesia. The surgeons drill metal screws into the backbones and there is some trauma to the back ligaments and muscles. A hospital stay is necessary after this surgery and the recovery takes several months.

Advantages of the Aurora ZIP Lumbar Fusion

By comparison to traditional back surgery, the Aurora ZIP Lumbar Fusion is a minimally invasive procedure.

It offers the following advantages:

  • tiny skin incisions (less pain)
  • minimal blood loss
  • no general anesthesia (only sedation)
  • you go home the same day
  • fast recovery (one week)

If your low back and leg pain have not improved with physical therapy, oral medications, and epidural injections, the Aurora ZIP Lumbar Fusion may be the right option for you! Schedule an appointment with one of our affiliated providers today.

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