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Joint Pain Treated by New Stem Cell Therapy: Dr. Friedlis Shares Insights on Patient Success

In the past, individuals who suffered from joint or bone pain, torn or strained tendons or ligaments, had to turn to open surgery for pain relief…

Now, there’s an exciting new stem cell therapy that offers a safe alternative to surgery, and it’s a same-day procedure. The focus of this video is Norman Nicholson’s case; a success story where he overcame knee pain post-surgery and can now perform many of the exercises he used to enjoy because of the successful treatments provided by Dr. Mayo Friedlis.

Nicholson shares, “Last fall we did the stem cell treatments, and this February I was up in upstate New York. And for 4 days in a row I’ve spent an hour and a half cross country skiing with no trouble at all…so I’m sold.”

Dr. Mayo Friedlis, an award-winning pain management physician with over 25 years of experience, has paved the way for National Spine & Pain Centers to now offer the Regenexx Family of Advanced Regenerative Medicine Procedures.

“I decided to bring the Regenexx Therapies into the practice, as I believe that they currently represent the highest state of the art for stem cell use. The research is strong and ongoing, which is important for the continued development of this science.” He further adds, “any place that there’s a ligament or tendon injury, it is amenable to this stem cell therapy.”

These therapies use the patient’s own stem cells to regenerate areas of the body that tend to wear down over time. In fact, the following conditions can be treated:

  • Knee, hip, and ankle pain
  • Non-healing bony fracture
  • Bulging (non-herniated) lumbar (lower back) disc
  • Avascular Necrosis of the shoulder, hip, knee, or ankle
  • Osteoarthritis of the knee, hip, or ankle
  • Partial tear of the rotator cuff
  • Meniscus tear or ACL, MCL tears
  • Limited range of motion, stiffness, swelling, and tenderness

Patients experience very little downtime and avoid the long, painful rehabilitation periods that typically follow surgery to restore joint strength and mobility. If you, your family member or friend has joint pain or similar conditions listed above, now may be the time to consider this innovate, non-surgical therapy as a solution.

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