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Dehydration Impacts Your Back Too!

Summer’s heat has hit with full force—and with it comes the danger of dehydration. We all know that staying hydrated can stave off headaches and leg cramps, but dehydration can also have a significant impact on the back and spine.

Dehydration can play a major role in back pain since it can cause the back muscles to spasm just like thigh and calf muscles. It is also important to remember that the joints and discs of the spinal column require adequate fluids to function properly. The jelly-like substance that is inside spinal discs consists primarily of water. If you don’t stay hydrated, these discs will shrink and reduce the cushioning they provide between the vertebra.

As you head out to enjoy summer activities in the sun and heat, be sure you bring along plenty of water and fruit to keep yourself well hydrated. While muscle aches and headaches are inconveniences, dehydration can lead to serious health conditions if not addressed, including seizures and life-threatening heatstroke.

We hope you enjoy many days outside enjoying the sunshine this summer. But if your back, neck or other joints are keeping you from the fun, click on the following link to schedule an appointment. Our Board-Certified Pain Specialists can accurately diagnose and treat your pain so you can have fun all summer long.