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[Video] Dr. Aneesh Singla Featured on NewsChannel 8 “Let’s Talk Live” Show for Pain Awareness Month

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  • Written By: NSPC Team

National Pain Awareness Month is now over and to conclude, we wanted to share with you this video from an informative interview featuring National Spine & Pain Center’s Dr. Aneesh Singla that ran on NewsChannel 8’s Let’s Talk Live show this past week. Dr. Singla talks with Melanie Hastings about the role of pain management in the treatment of chronic pain patients. Not only does Dr. Singla discuss the most common forms of chronic pain, he goes over this detailed approach to restoring health in his patients.

Our goal as pain management physicians is to reduce pain and suffering as best we can.” – Dr. Aneesh Singla

We encourage all chronic pain sufferers to continue spreading the word about pain management physicians and their mission to reduce pain and suffering. We invite you to view Dr. Singla’s video interview below. If you, a friend, family member, or loved one is currently suffering in pain, please share this video with them so they can seek the help they need.

Click Below to View Dr. Singla’s Interview: