Steve Sanders – Elbow Pain


Steven is a network engineer. He has a hectic work schedule and routinely has to lift heavy equipment like computer servers. At home, life is a constant buzz of activity. He and his wife are always on the go with home projects and a busy social life.

It was a typical weekend in August of 2006, when Steven and his wife headed for their local home products store to buy wood for the deck they were building. As Steven and his wife were loading the boards to take home, his wife lost her grip on the board they were moving. Steven tried to catch his end of the board as it shot up in the air only to have his arm snapped into the air with the board’s momentum.

Within a few weeks time, the pain in Steven’s arm became excruciating. “I couldn’t use my arm at all. It was getting to the point that the pain was spreading from my shoulder to my hand, my elbow, and my thumb. I was in absolute misery,” he explained. What was worse, Steven said, was the impact on work and his home life. “It was crippling. I was struggling to do my job and it was having a serious affect on my relationship with my wife. I was so unpleasant because I was in constant pain. I was totally unhappy and all I could think about was the hurt.”

Steven saw several medical professionals and was getting nowhere fast. When he went to see the doctors at National Spine & Pain Centers, he was hoping for some answers and some relief from the agonizing pain. The doctors conducted a thorough exam completed an MRI to ascertain the full extent of Steven’s injury. The MRI confirmed that Steven had torn fibers in the bicep tendon of his left forearm. In order to explore all treatment options, Steven also obtained a surgical consult. The surgeon told him that there was nothing that could be done to help him. He told Steven to “learn to live with it.”

When Steven reported back to his doctors at National Spine & Pain Centers, he was given a very different answer. The doctors told him about regenerative therapy. He ultimately underwent a series of regenerative injections under x-ray guidance in order to promote healing at the precise site of injury. By the third treatment, Steven was feeling much better. After 6 months, Steven’s pain was gone. “My recovery couldn’t have happened without the technology and expertise at National Spine & Pain Centers. I have my arm back and I have full strength and flexibility in my elbow. The pain is gone. The doctors at National Spine & Pain Centers gave me my life back.”