Melissa Hopkins – Neck Pain


I had been suffering from neck pain since I was 19 years old. As I got older, the pain became more frequent and I began searching for help. None of the doctors that I saw truly listened to what I was going through. I simply could not get the help I needed. For years I just endured the pain. By the time I was pregnant with my third child and was about to fly over seas to deliver a speech that was critical to my career, I was in excruciating pain. I did not want to cancel my trip, but I could not travel in that kind of condition. So my OBGYN said, “We have to get you to National Spine and Spine Centers.”

Because I was pregnant, I had to be careful as to just what medications I could take. The doctors could not have been more helpful. They listened to my whole story and I was immediately given a proper medication to relieve my pain. I was also set up for physical therapy and further tests upon my return. Finally, the tests they ordered showed that I had one collapsed disc in my neck and two bulging discs which were affecting many nerves in my neck and back. For years I had asked other doctors for these tests to see what was wrong with my neck but I was treated like my pain really wasn’t that bad. I knew my pain was real, but not until I was seen at National Spine & Pain Centers, did anyone listen to me.

My pain improved with the physical therapy and medications that were prescribed. Then several years later, my circumstances changed again and the neck pain returned. I also developed low back pain that I never had before. This time was no different. When I returned to National Spine & Pain Centers they still listened to me even though my situation had changed. The doctors and physician assistants continued to work closely with me trying a variety of procedures to alleviate my pain. They never gave up on me and we finally found the right treatment combination. I could not be more grateful to the doctors at National Spine & Pain Centers.