Martha Aldridge – Chronic Back Pain


“It happened without any warning, and the pain was immediate.” So says Martha Aldridge, a retired senior, when recounting the events of August 21, 2010, a day she will always remember. Rising from her chair, in a fashion done a thousand times before, Mrs. Aldridge felt a sudden, excruciating pain in her back. A visit to her primary care physician resulted in a prescription for pain medication, but no relief. Still in pain and convinced the problem would not resolve itself simply with time, Mrs. Aldridge scoured the internet with her daughter’s assistance for the next best options. The research yielded National Spine & Pain Centers (NSPC).

Mrs. Aldridge’s visit to NSPC soon gave her tangible hope for an alternative to living in pain. “The doctor at National Spine and Pain Centers was caring and knowledgeable, and best of all, she solved my pain mystery.” A CT scan taken previously revealed a fractured sacrum, a triangular bone at the base of the spine that connects to the pelvis. As the immediate course of action, an injection was given affording Mrs. Aldridge some temporary pain relief, while a more permanent pain relief option was plotted.

A subsequent MRI pinpointed the exact location of the fracture, and it was all systems go. “The doctor talked to the radiologist and the next thing I heard her say was ‘Clear my schedule.’” Mrs. Aldridge’s fracture was addressed using an injection procedure known as vertebroplasty, an advanced medical technique done in-office that uses bone cement to stabilize and protect fractures, ceasing the pain and allowing the bone to heal properly. To her utter amazement, Martha enjoyed almost immediate pain relief. “I say this with all sincerity…I was cured almost instantly. I still can’t believe it.” Both she and her daughter remain pleased with the results of the procedure and look forward to spending quality time together.