Jason Newman – Elbow Pain


Jason Newman has always been a man of action, spending a great deal of his spare time on home improvement projects, playing with his children and tending goal in an amatuer hockey league. But four years ago, bilateral elbow pain left him unable to perform even the most mundane tasks – shaking hands, lifting a cup or swinging a hammer.

Physical therapy and chiropractic care did little to improve his condition. He visited a physician who recommended cortisone injections, but Jason was not comfortable with the proposed regimen of treatment. A friend suggested that he consider National Spine & Pain Centers for alternative options.

Jason did his homework. prior to his appointment at NSPC, he familiarized himself extensively with his condition and the variety of treatments available. The knowledge he gained, in tandem with the expert counsel received at NSPC, assured him he was dealing with experts. After his initial consultation, he and his doctor agreed on prolotherapy as the most appropriate treatment. The results were impressive. Subsequent treatment included platelet rich plasma injections and soon Jason was back to the active lifestyle he so desperately missed.

“I’m now as active as i want to be. I sail, I am playing hockey again, and I am involved in renovation projects around the house. I have been given back the quality of life that pain took away from me.”

Jason was so impressed with the quality of care and overall service he received at NSPC, that now his wife and father-in-law are also patients.