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Pok G.'s Story

  • Author: Pok Getz
  • Date Submitted: Sep 19, 2019
  • Category: General

"I began to feel some pain relief immediately,” said Pok. “After a week, I had no pain at all."

“I had never felt pain that severe in my life, ” said Pok. In spring of 2013, gardening enthusiast, Pok G., had an active lifestyle that faded away as she began to experience pain in her lower back that radiated down her right leg. The pain got progressively worse until she could hardly get out of bed in the morning.

Her husband urged her to see his pain management physician, Dr. Richard Brouillette of the National Spine & Pain Centers.

Pok’s MRI revealed spinal stenosis, a condition in which the spinal canal is narrowed, usually as a result of the natural aging process, but sometimes because of injury or an inherited condition. The resulting nerve compression causes the symptoms.

Since Pok had already tried a course of pain medications, Dr. Brouillette recommended an epidural nerve block, which is an injection of corticosteroid medication into the epidural space of the spinal column to decrease pain and inflammation.

“I began to feel some pain relief immediately,” said Pok. “After a week, I had no pain at all.”

While some people have success in just one session, most require follow-up injections. For Pok, the first injection was the only treatment necessary. She’s been pain-free since that point.

Pok talks glowingly about how helpful Dr. Brouillette, and the entire staff at his office, have been to her and to her husband, who continues to visit for back problems and neuropathy.

“Really, it’s just been an answer to my prayers, and I am very grateful,” said Pok.