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Bo C.'s Story

  • Author: Bo Cook
  • Date Submitted: Sep 19, 2019
  • Category: General

"I left the office with confidence in their knowledge of my condition and a game plan to treat it."

An accomplished musician, for years Bo had felt his fingers glide effortlessly over the strings of his guitar. The end result was pure magic to the ears. But three years ago, those hands seemed to betray him. Pain forced Bo to seek medical care. He saw orthopedists who administered cortisone injections and prescribed a regimen of physical therapy. The pain initially decreased, but soon returned and nearly brought his music to an abrupt stop.

A friend and fellow musician spoke to Bo about his condition and recommended that he see the physicians at National Spine & Pain Centers. Bo agreed that it was time to search for new answers to his elusive problem.

From his initial visit, Bo felt a difference in the way he was treated. “I noticed a sense of care and concern for my pain. They took the time to examine me thoroughly and to listen to me. I left the office with confidence in their knowledge of my condition and a game plan to treat it.”

By visiting the National Spine & Pain Centers website, he had familiarized himself with two of the treatments offered at NSPC: Platelet Rich Plasma and Prolotherapy, procedures that stimulate tissue growth and initiate regeneration of healthy tissues. Bo agreed with his doctor’s recommendations and began a treatment plan which would finally help to mitigate his pain.

Subsequent treatments of Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy, a process that involves drawing a patient’s blood, separating platelets from plasma, and injecting the concentrated platelets directly into the injury site, thereby initiating healing, have helped Bo resume a lifestyle that doesn’t have to take a backseat to his pain. He is finally able to play his guitar again without the constant pain that threatened one of the most important parts of his life.