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Julio Cesar Gomez, D.O.


While serving as a United States Air Force (USAF) flight surgeon, earning the rank of Major, Dr. Julio Cesar Gomez was drawn to the field of physical medicine and rehabilitation after caring for acute injuries in fighter pilots and pararescue tactical teams. “I knew I wanted to focus on interventional spine care and musculoskeletal medicine to restore and improve function in service members and civilians with acute and chronic injuries.”

Dr. Gomez joined the National Spine and Pain Centers in March 2022. He served for four years respectively with the USAF at Tyndall Air Force Base in Florida and the New Jersey Air National Guard, 177th Fighter Wing based in Atlantic City, NJ. He is currently a flight surgeon with the District of Columbia Air National Guard, 113th Fighter Wing based at Andrews Air Force Base.

A double major at The Pennsylvania State University in University Park, Dr. Gomez earned bachelor’s degrees in kinesiology/movement science and nutritional science. Philadelphia was the location for his Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine degree and general surgery internship at Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine. He was chief resident during his physical medicine and rehabilitation residency at Temple University Hospital/MossRehab Einstein Medical Center. He was named the Temple University Resident of the Year in 2020. Aninterventional spine and pain fellowship followed at Revive Spine and Pain Center in Marlton, NJ.

When patients come to the National Spine and Pain Centers, they receive an individualized treatment plan to address their specific needs. “Each patient requires and deserves an individualized treatment plan that decrease their overall pain by improving physical function and mitigating their fear of pain,” he said. With a focus on patient-centered care, Dr. Gomez notes “I believe patient education and autonomy are key to all successful outcomes in the world of acute and chronic pain.” He is driven in his work by observing individuals’ paths to regaining their independence and confidence.

After working hours, Dr. Gomez likes to spend time and travel with his family.

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